About Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari

Chitwan national park established in 1973 is the first national park of Nepal. It is situated in south central Nepal in the sub tropical lowland of the inner Tarai. It covers an area of 932 km2 (360 sq mi) and UNESCO included this area on the list of World Heritage Site in 1984.

Chitwan national park is the home of 43 species of mammals. There are over 450 species of birds in the park. Much more than in any other protected area in Nepal and about two-thirds of Nepal’s globally threatened species. Additionally, 20 black-chinned yuhina, a pair of Gould’s sunbird, a pair of blossom-headed parakeet and one salty-breasted rail, an uncommon winter visitor .The park is famous for the protection of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros, tiger, Gharial crocodile along with many other common species of wild animals. Some of other animals found in this park The estimated population of endangered species of animals such as gaur, wild elephant, four horned antelope, striped hyena, pangolin, Gangetic dolphin, monitor lizard and python, etc. we offer a package with elephant safari, jungle walk, canoeing, bird watching ,culture visit ,culture show and elephant bathing to make your trip memorable.