Day Tours

Day Tour in Nepal is the best way to explore & experience the cultural heritages, Natural heritages, Viewpoints and adventure activities in Nepal. Take one of our day tours in Nepal to utilize your extra day Nepal in to the fullest.

Day Tours in Nepal are available to explore ancient towns that include Kathmandu Valley, Lumbini and Pokhara and it further offers day hikes in and around Kathmandu and Pokhara too. The day tours include adventure helicopter flights to Everest, a day rafting in a wild river, visit to the cultural heritage sites of Nepal.

Day tours in Nepal are suitable for those who have only a few days in Nepal. If you travel to Nepal and only have one or two day transit in Kathmandu or Pokhara then the day tour is the best way to see the tourist places of Nepal.

Many tours in Nepal especially in Kathmandu are available, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and all the travellers travel Nepal have to fly in and out from Kathmandu so, they must spend a few days in Kathmandu, so taking one of the day tours of Kathmandu is the best way to use your day in Kathmandu. If you are doing any long adventure trek in Nepal and have an extra day pre or post-the trek, or if you are travelling to Tibet or Bhutan through Kathmandu airport and have some extra before or after the tour on those countries then the day tours in Kathmandu is the way to explore Kathmandu on your transit.

Day tours in Nepal include sightseeing tours in Kathmandu, hiking in Kathmandu, cultural tours in Kathmandu, and historical excursion tours in Kathmandu So, choose one or more day tours as per your interest and days you have.

Day tours in Nepal include a day tour in Pokhara as well, Pokhara is must see place in Nepal and gate way of Annapurna and Manaslu trekking. If you are going for the Annapurna trek then you need to travel to Pokhara so, if you have any extra day in Pokhara pre or post the trek then a day tour in Pokhara is the best way to explore Pokhara.

Many day tours in Nepal are available on our website and most of the day tours are available every day. Take a look at them and find the suitable for you or contact us if you have if you need to have a customised day tour in Nepal.