Our Team

  • Janardan Nepal

    Janardan Nepal

    Managing Director

    Janardan Nepal is an enthusiastic managing director of Top of the world adventure with 9+ years of experience in tourism field. He grown up in the lap of Jugal Himal in Sindhupalchok district. He had great passion to involve in tourism sector since childhood. He is master’s degree holder in Sanskrit and Philosophy and also has pervasive knowledge about travel and tourism. He has worked in different field related to trekking and tourism as well as involved in many social works. Janardan is very convivial person who always concerns about customer satisfaction and seeks to provide best service to valued guest. He is always eager to exchange the culture with different people and passionate to learn different language. He loves to travel whenever he is free and boosts the knowledge and expertise for various part of the world.

    He speaks excellent Spanish, English, Hindi and sufficient French and Chinese. He enjoys adventure and joins one of our mountain or river outdoor trips whenever he has some free time from the office work!

    Designation:- Managing Director

    Experiences:- 9+ years of experience in Tourism Field.

    Language:- English, Nepali, Spanish,Hindi,Chinese

  • Shreeram Dhungana

    Shreeram Dhungana

    Travel/Finance Manager

    Shreeram was born, grown up and educated in touristic place of Kathmandu, Shakharapur municipality. He did his Master’s degree in Business Administration. He holds the responsibility to communicate with the clients and arrange necessary information about the travel plan according to their desire and wishes. He has great passion to travel new places and interact with new people from different part of the world, and also ever ready to face and accept the new challenges in life. 

    Designation:- Travel Manager/Accountant

    Education:- Master’s degree in Business Administration 

    Experience:- 6+ years in Tourism field

    Language:- English, Hindi, Nepali, french



  • Niranjan Nepal

    Niranjan Nepal

    Travel Manager

    He is the young energetic travel manager of our company. He grew up in the northeast of Sindhupalchok district and has been obsessed to travel from his childhood. After finishing higher school level he studied hospitality management which become beneficial to his working sector. As his passion, he has traveled almost trekking routes in Nepal. After he got his trekking license from Nepal Acadamy of Tourism and Hospitality Management he did more than 30 treks which helped to make him more knowledgeable about the flora, fauna, vegetation, geography, and culture of the country. Now he is working as travel manager of Top of the World Adventure. He is always concerned about the wish of our precious guests. He is also responsible to provide the best services to them, he first understands the psychology of the client and makes the travel plan in a very professional way.

    Designation:- Travel Manager

    Education:- Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management

    Experience:- 3+ years in Tourism and Hospitality Management

    Langauge:- Nepali , English, Hindi 

  • Purushottam Phuyal

    Purushottam Phuyal

    Tour Operator

    Meet Purushottam Phuyal, your seasoned trekking guide with over 8 years of experience exploring the stunning landscapes of Nepal. Licensed and skilled in navigating the Himalayan terrain, Purushottam ensures both the safety and enjoyment of travelers under his care. His deep understanding of local culture, flora, and fauna enriches every trekking experience, making each journey memorable and rewarding. With a commitment to responsible tourism, Purushottam embodies professionalism, warmth, and a passion for the mountains. Armed with a bachelor's degree in travel and tourism, his educational background further enhances his expertise in providing exceptional service to travelers. Join him for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Himalayas.

    Experience:- 8+ years

    Langauge:-Nepali, Hindi, English, Spanish

  • Rupa Acharya

    Rupa Acharya

    Front Desk Manager

    Introducing Rupa Acharya, With over 5+ years of experience and a master's in Business Studies, Rupa Acharya is your go-to guide for unforgettable trekking adventures. Rupa's expertise ensures personalized itineraries, expert guidance, and insider knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned trekker or a first-time explorer, Rupa's dedication to safety and local insight guarantees an unforgettable journey. Embark on your next adventure with Rupa Acharya today. Nepali

    Experience:- 5+ years

    Langauge:- Nepali, Hindi, English

  • Sudip Basnet

    Sudip Basnet

    Tour Operator

    Sudip Basnet, an experienced travel and trekking expert with over 3 years of experience. Coming from the stunning Sindhupalchok region, Sudip brings lots of energy and a big love for exploring new places. He's really good at speaking Chinese, making it easy for him to understand and help all kinds of travelers. Sudip doesn't just show people around – he plans awesome trips that everyone remembers. With Sudip, your adventure in Nepal will be super fun and tailored just for you.

    Experience:- 3+ years

    Langauge:-Nepali, Hindi, English, Chinese


  • Santosh Pandit

    Santosh Pandit

    Tour Operator

    Presenting Santosh Pandit, an experienced trekking guide hailing from Dhading, Nepal, with over 8 years of expertise in leading adventurous journeys through the stunning landscapes of the Himalayas. Fluent in Japanese, Santosh provides personalized and immersive experiences for Japanese-speaking travelers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable exploration of Nepal's majestic trails. With his deep knowledge of the terrain, culture, and language, Santosh ensures every trek is not just an adventure, but a culturally enriching journey. Join Santosh Pandit for an unforgettable expedition into the heart of the Himalayas.

    Experience:- 8+ years

    Langauge:-Nepali, Hindi, English, Japanese

  • Parmeshwor Khatiwoda

    Parmeshwor Khatiwoda

    Marketing Manager

    With over a decade of experience in the travel industry, Prameshwor Khatiwoda is your go-to expert for all your travel needs. Hailing from the picturesque region of Kavre, Prameshwor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His extensive background ensures that you'll receive top-notch service and guidance for your adventures. he possesses exceptional communication skills, ensuring that your journey is not only seamless but also enjoyable. Whether you're seeking recommendations for off-the-beaten-path destinations or need assistance with booking accommodations, Prameshwor is dedicated to making your travel experience unforgettable.

    Experience:- 10+ years

    Language:- English, Hindi, Nepali, 

  • Anjan Dhital

    Anjan Dhital

    Trek / Tour Guide

    He is experienced trekking guide with great passion of travelling. He is very active and has been in this field more than 10 years. He has been almost all trekking destination of Nepal. His main focus is trekkers satisfaction. He is excellent guide and helps to make your trip memorable. He is very friendly and positive person. We are very delighted to have him in our team.

    Designation:- Trekking Guide

    Education:-  Bachelor in Education 

    Experience:- 7+ years of experience in Tourism Field

    Language:- English, Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, French




  • Jiwan Kumar Tamang

    Jiwan Kumar Tamang

    Trekking Guide

    He is young, kind and Licensed trekking guide. He has been serving all the guests very pleasantly. He has been to numerous trekking trips in regions like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Manaslu, Kanchanjunga, Narphu and other trekking trails. He has stunning experience in trekking local remote area of mountain region. Beside this , He is very positive and friendly person. We are delighted to have him in our team.

  • Sarala Nepal

    Sarala Nepal

    Tour/Trekking Guide

    Sarala is young educated as well as self motivated tour and trekking guide of our company. She born in Nuwakot district and has great interest to involve in tourism sector. She did her masters degree tourism management and later got the license for both trekking and tour guide. Trekkers love her dynamic character and her kind hospitality. She is guiding the tourists for trekking and tour all around Nepal. Guiding is her passion and loves to share her knowledge about religion, culture and history of Nepal. She is also very kind and friendly person. We are delighted to have her in our team.

    Designation:- Tour/Trekking Guide

    Education:- Master in Tourism and Hospilaty Management

    Experience:- 5+ years of experience in Tourism Field

    Language:- Nepali, Hindi, English