Why you should visit Nepal in 2020? - Tourism Year 2020

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Nepal does not need to be introduced. The country of extremes, it is a must-go destination for all over the world travel enthusiasts. Nevertheless, if you're unfamiliar to Nepal's beauty and charm, then the eight reasons you need to visit Nepal in 2020 are listed below.

Nepal is, a developing landlocked country located in South Asia, is an epitome of natural beauty and geographic variation. A trekker's paradise and a thrill seeker's dream come true; Nepal is a country with a lively, warm and welcoming community, thriving in developing the country with significantly produced income from tourism. Nepal is a curtain of colorful flags of prayer and a land with temples of gold. The country's main characteristics are quaint hill villages, forest wildlife, high peaks and fast flowing rivers from the Himalayas.

Why do you need to visit Nepal in 2020? It's just a beauty? Is it because it hosts eight of the world's top ten peaks, or is it because it is Mount Everest's highest mountain country in the world? Is it attributable to the humorous number of cultures and traditions in Nepal or the thousands of flora and fauna species found across the country? There’re a million reasons to visit this paradise, but we've highlighted the eight reasons you need to visit Nepal in 2020.

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Birth Place of Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is the Buddhism faith initiator. Buddha was born to a King's family as Siddhartha Gautam, but decided to set aside all his possessions in order to achieve redemption in India's jungles. Based on his teachings, Buddhism was established. He is recognized as an enlightened teacher whose teachings were passed down through the generations to become what it is today.

Nepal is the land of the Buddha who loves peace, and this aspect is also reflected in its people. Buddha's birthplace is located in Lumbini, Nepal. Lumbini is a sacred place for Buddhists, and to this day all the traces of Gautam Buddha's royal family remain there.

The architectural delights of Ashoka Pillar, the eternal flame, the temple of Mayadevi, etc. Remain there to this day in glory. Gautam Buddha's birthplace premises have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Mount Everest- The Highest peak in the world.

Mount Everest is a landmark in the beautiful country of Nepal as well. It is an achievement in itself to get the opportunity to see the highest point. That's why Mount Everest's presence is one of the ten reasons you need to visit Nepal in 2020. Everest is the highest point in Nepal, over 8850 m above sea level. Scaling this peak was considered one of mountaineering's most significant accomplishments. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary first scaled it.

Even if you're not a mountaineer, trekking to Nepal's Everest area is a beautiful experience that is likely to keep in mind for many years to come. Everest's area has other mountain peaks such as Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and so on, all of which make for a great hiking destination with views of these snow-clad mountain peaks.

Lands of Mountains and fast flowing rivers from Himalayas

Nepal is the country known for "Lands of Mountains" and second most abundant water resources in World. Out of 14 highest peak in the World 8 of the highest mountains lies in Nepal. Because of this, Mountaineers around the globe are interested in Expedition here in Nepal. Mount Everest (8848 m) the highest peak in the world lies here. Besides these Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Makalu, whose height is above 8000 m all lies here in Nepal. Nepal is also popular for Trek Enthusiast as the Himalayas of Nepal offers Natrual Beauty of Mountains, where trekers can explore beauty of mountains, floura and fauna, diversity in culture  of Himalayan People, etc. 

Nepal is also the land of rivers that flow down from the abundance of mountains that the country holds. Nepal has over 6000 roaring rivers that flow through it. A land filled with water resources all around, this is another one of the 10 reasons why you must visit Nepal in 2020. An abundance of rivers means personal views and adventure activities.

Nepal is also known for a huge number of water-related activities. Rafting, kayaking, and canoeing are extremely popular in Nepal. Nepal has a number of fast-flowing rivers that make it a destination for water sports seekers. The water activities found in Nepal are rated as the top ones in the world. If you are an enthusiast willing to partake in water activities then Nepal is the perfect destination for you.

Study of History, Culture, Tradition, Lifestyle of people, and World Heritage Sites

Like all other countries of the world, Nepal has also its prehistoric period, shrouded in obscurity. Its records of early times are as legendary as those of Hommer and India. Gorkha's King Prithvi Narayan Shah had conquered the Kathmandu Valley in 1786 and united Nepal. The Thakuris ruled Nepal, followed by the Mallas after The Lichchavis for two centuries. In the fifth century Malla rule, Nepal was divided into many principalities and small kingdoms. During that time many dynasty rule the country with many more kingdoms all over Nepal. But it was later unified into one greater kingdom by King Pritivi Narayan Shah. 

King Prithvi Narayan Shah (1743–1775) founded Gorkhali (Nepali) as the national language after occupying much of the territory that makes up modern Nepal. Nepali is a Sanskrit-derived Indo-European language with which it shares and most people speak at least some Nepali, which is the medium of government, education, and most broadcasts through radio and television. Nepali is secondary to the language of its ethnic group or country for many people. Other ethnic languages that are spoken in Nepal are Newari, Maithali, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, Tamang, etc. 

With having multi-ethnic group in Nepal, people of Nepal have different cast, culture, tradition as they follow different religion. All ethics group of people have their own culture, language, tradition, festivals, etc. Nepal is the Country where different festivals are celebrated by different ethnic group. People from foreign country came here to enjoy the foods and festivals and study their culture in Nepal. Nepal is the perfect place for those who want to explore tradition, culture and people life style in Nepal.

After the Modification to Greater Nepal, different heritage sites like Temples, Durbar, Stupa, Monastery, Palace, parks were build. These heritages reflect the history, culture, tradition and lifestyle of people here in Nepal. In 90s most of this place were recognized by UNESCO and register as World Heritage Sites. Some of these heritages are ancient palaces and courtyard, some are religious sites, and some are historical sites. It is not every day you visit a small and accessible country with so many world heritage lists. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changu Narayan, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath and Lumbini are the eight cultural heritage sites, while Sagarmatha and Chitwan National Park are the two natural heritage sites in Nepal. People from different country came to Nepal to visit and explore this places.

Kathmandu- City of Temple

Kathmandu being the capital of country has unique blend of unity in diversity along the people residing there. We can find all Hindu’s, Muslim’s, christian’s, Buddhist’s live together like a brother, which is rare to see. They all have their respective worship place. Since Kathmandu has a long history with malla dynasty and many kings who were said to be blind believer of god, since they being so built many temples to please their queen (Rani pokhari being an example to it), also not only these there are historically many important temples like Pashupati nath, Durbar Squares, Budhanilkantha, Nyatapol,Dakshinkali etc … Also during malla regime in Kathmandu, unique wooden sculptures were built that was famous on those times (Still it’s found in some area’s of Kathmandu). 3 Durbar squares are the best example to it. Not only this, but there are more than 2000 temples (both including big and small), None other city boast these many amounts of temples, so Kathmandu is the City of temple. Pilgrimage and other people from different country come to Nepal to visit these temples during festivals, and occasion more often.

Food in Nepal

You will savor a wide range of cuisines in Nepal and enjoy your taste buds. From Nepal, Dal, Bhat, and Tarkari's delicious and healthy signature food to Kheer's enriched and spicy rice pudding, Nepal will delight you with its exquisite cuisine range.

Nepal has 36 different ethnic groups, serving different ethnic cuisine that reflects their clan. Just as the ethnic group of Rai has wachipa, the ethnic group of Tharu has dhikari, and Newar has yomari, choila, etc.

Explore and visit Wildlife, Birds, flora and fauna in Nationals Parks of Nepal

Just imagine, you see a Bengal Tiger on your way and before you are yourself from the shock, a one-horned rhino approaches and a little further is basking a giant mugger crocodile; this exotic coincidence happens only in national parks of Nepal where the endangered and rare biodiversity of world resides.

Although Nepal is confined in its small area, there are wonders you can witness here. National Parks in Nepal harbors the glorious peaks, typical to unusual vegetation and some endangered animals, birds, etc. Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park are even in the list of World Heritage List.

Suitable for Outdoor activities like Rafting, Paragliding, Hiking, etc.

With the unique topography and diverse geography, Nepal has high hills, rugged terrains, ridges, glaciers and gorges which is perfect for thrilling adventures and sports.

Paragliding in Pokhara is jaw-dropping, bungee jump in Bhote Koshi is exhilarating, rafting in Trishuli out of the world, skydiving from Everest is phenomenal; these are just some highlights of activities. Once you are into discovering them, you won’t stop till you have them all. Zip flyer, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and ultra-flight are some much-loved sports of Nepal.